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Dental Model Resin materjal Formlabs Form 2 3D-printerile, 1l kassett

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Kaubamärk: Formlabs
Tootekood: K0064350
Vana kood: FLRS-F2-DMBE-01
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Creating Dental Model Resin, Formlabs’ Most Accurate Material Yet

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Professional 3D printers are some of the most versatile tools found today in dental labs and practices, and the key to their versatility is dedicated materials. Different dental applications have different requirements–some have to be sturdy and durable, others need to be biocompatible to be used in surgery, and some require a transparent look for aesthetics.

With each new material, the same 3D printer becomes capable of manufacturing an increasing range of dental products, which previously required manual labor or expensive machinery like CNC mills. In spring 2016, Formlabs released Dental SG, our first biocompatible dental material, and by the end of 2017, we’re on track to offer six dedicated materials for dentistry.

One of the most requested materials by our dental customers has been a resin for dental models. Highly accurate crown and bridge models of patient dentition are used to check final restorations before a procedure. Traditional gypsum dental models are based on an analog impression from the patient and require a labor-intensive manual process to create. Producing these models digitally from a 3D scan can simplify the workflow, speed up the process, and lower costs.

Developing a dental model resin for the Form 2 was a formidable challenge. Crown and bridge model printing is one of the most demanding dental applications, requiring accuracy below +/- 50 microns at margins and contact points, and +/- 100 microns across the full arch. Expressed as a proportion, this represents only +/- 0.17 percent deviation over a 60 mm arch.

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